What We Do…

Planet Einstein Digital Learning Lab, which is under the umbrella of Planet Einstein, LLC, is a limited liability company that I own, and my name is Jackee Schwartz. I’m assisted in this business by my husband, Max.

Max is an attorney who grew up in a business family. In college, he majored in Finance and Accounting. He practiced law for about 10 years, helping business owners, and then he decided to start a business, and has never looked back.

Max and I have been operating businesses together for the last 20 years.

I began my career as a teacher, and I taught kids Science. I have my undergraduate degree in Education, and my Master’s in Education. I loved teaching, and I always will. It’s my passion. I left teaching during some turbulent times and found a new career in marketing and sales, and I greatly excelled in this new endeavor. I credit this to my teaching abilities because I believe that selling is mostly teaching.

Our name, Planet Einstein, was my brain child. As a Science teacher, I always regarded Albert Einstein as being the world’s greatest scientist. Einstein is best known for his scientific discoveries, but he was also a passionate student of learning, and many of his greatest quotes pertain to learning. Our favorite one is: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” (This is why we keep learning)

At the end of the 1990s, Max and I began reading a lot of new books that were being written about business. This was during the start of the “Dot-com Bubble.” Companies like Amazon were just beginning then, and it was a very exciting time. What we found was that business writers were reading scientific reports that had been written mostly by psychologists and sociologists, and they were applying what was in these reports to business. The leaders of major corporations were reading these books, and they were using what was in them to improve their businesses. They began giving grants to Universities to learn more about how scientific discoveries can be used in business. Today, there are very few aspects of business that haven’t been studied from a scientific perspective, and now we know more about business than has ever been known before.

Max and I are passionate about how science and the brain affects business, and we have made it our business to teach others what we’ve learned.

We are interested in all parts of business, but we believe that marketing and sales are the most important part of a business because this is how customers are obtained, and a business cannot survive without a steady flow of new customers.

However, we also realize that in order to properly serve its customers, a business has to be run properly.

So, we’ve made it our company’s mission to help businesses with their marketing and all of their other needs that science can improve.

Scientists are constantly making new discoveries in business. So, we doubt if our work will ever come to an end, and we really like this idea. It means that we will never be out of work.

We also operate another business at Planet Einstein. It’s an advertising agency. There, we put into practice what we teach.

We want you to be our customers, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Jackee Schwartz