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    Just continue to drift along, hoping to win the lottery!

    Most popular option…what most people do!


    Let life roll by while you dream about building your business… but you never do it!

    These people have a problem with Inertia – a body at rest remains at rest until it’s too late.


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    The “Get Customers In 5 Easy Steps” takes you through a process to build a list of ideal customers in as little as 15 minutes a day….

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    Featured in Today’s Woman Magazine

    January 2020

    Exposition Speaker

    Louisville, KY

    Sunday March 1st

    Minneapolis, MN

    Tuesday February 25th

    Testimonials from our Students

    Rick Dougherty

    A professional musician who grew his customer base on his new Facebook Business page from zero to 900 in 5 days.


    Dacia Grimes, CPA

    Dacia created her new business page and honed in on her niche of professional business women to create her new targeted audience.


    Dr. Connie Green

    Connie created a system to market her speaking engagements and built her audience with Facebook Lives, following a plan to get customers’ email addresses.


    Rochelle Randy

    Rochelle is a songwriter/singer and used social media strategies to create her stories in video to sell her music.


    More Testimonials

    I binged watched the lessons all weekend and learned so much. Jackee is an incredibly talented presenter.

    Cora Brown, TapSnap

    My second book was just about to launch when I met Jackee and Max. I was ready to try something a little edgy that was the latest in technology… and we did it. Successful launch!